Thrown Together: On The Table

thrown together pitcher

March 31 – April 30, 2017​

March 31 - April 30, 2017

bowl, milk and sugar, sculpture, cups

functional pottery by

Allison McGowan Hermans Handbuilt Porcelain
Jennifer Mecca Thrown and Altered Porcelain
Ron Philbeck Soda Glazed Stoneware
Amy Sanders Earthenware
Julie Wiggins Porcelain

Thrown Together Potters is a collective of ceramic artists in the greater Charlotte area who came together in 2006 to support and encourage one another as well as to exhibit their work as a group.

the artists

49th Annual Spring Pottery & Glass Festival

Lisa Oakley works some glass

March 31, 6 - 10pm
Saturday & Sunday,

April 1 & 2, 10am - 6pm

Saturday & Sunday,
April 8 & 9, 10am - 6pm

Glass blowing demonstrations - Pottery demonstrations
Raku firings - Wood turning demos - Copper sculpting demos
Fine jewelry trunk show and demonstrations
Live music - Plant sales
On-site food trucks for entrees and desserts

Cedar Creek Raffles for Art to benefit the
Food Bank of Central & Eastern NC

Lisa demonstrates glass blowing

Friday, March 31, 10am - 10pm
Festivities begin at 6pm!
Glass blowing demos by Matthew Decker, Leigh Hayes & Elijah Leed
Raku firings by Alan Bennett
13th Taco Food truck for entrees and desserts
Live music

Saturday & Sunday, April 1 & 2, 10am - 6pm
Saturday & Sunday, April 8 & 9, 10am - 6pm

Glass blowing demonstrations - Pottery demonstrations
Kiln openings - Kiln firings - Raku firings
Wood turning demos - Copper sculpture demos
Patricia Locke Fine jewelry trunk show
Live music - Plant sales
On-site food trucks for entrees and desserts
Cedar Creek Raffles for Art to benefit the
Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina

Click here for the Detailed Schedule of Events

Events and demonstrations include:

 Friday, March 31st at 7pm
to benefit theFood Bank of Central & Eastern NC

Join us on the front lawn to search among hundreds of eggs filled with treats and prizes - including numbers that correspond to 50 handmade glass and clay eggs by Cedar Creek artists.  

Adults of all ages are encouraged to participate!  100% of the proceeds to go to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina!  The hunt will begin promptly at 7pm so come out early to make your donation to participate.  Additionally, theres is an auction to claim the first 5 top spots to pick the egg of your choice!  A food truck will be on site and raku and glass blowing demonstrations will commence after the Adult Egg Hunt event.

Children are welcome but this event is strictly for us "big kids"!  We expect quite a turn-out so carpool if you can.  Minimum $5 donation to participate in the Egg Hunt.

Thrown Together:  On The Table
March 31 - April 30
functional pottery by Allison McGowan Hermans,

Jennifer Mecca, Ron Philbeck, Amy Sanders, and Julie Wiggins

Patricia Locke jewelry trunk show
March 31 - April 9
Meet the Artists: Sat, April 1st, 12 - 2:30pm
Patricia Locke & Deborah Rethemeyer

Glass blowing demonstrations
Cedar Creek studio artists:  Lisa Oakley,
Matt Decker, Pringle Teetor & Dana Smith
Visiting artist:  David Goldhagen

Pottery demos, Kiln firings, Kiln openings & Raku firings
Cedar Creek Studio Artists: Brad Tucker & Jennifer Stas
Visiting artists: Alan Bennett, Deborah Harris, Evelyn Ward & Geoff Lloyd

Wood turning demonstrations
Visting artist:  Bill Wallace

Copper sculpting demonstrations
Visting artist:  William Brock

Live music
Larry Hutcherson, Gene O'Neill, Kenny Shore & Bear Stevens

Plant sales and advice
John Martin & Jeff Bottoms

Food trucks & treats
Strong Arm Baking, 13th Taco, Pho Nomenal Dumpling,
Wandering Moose, Bull City Street Food & Baton Rouge Cuisine

Click here for the Detailed Schedule of Events

Brad Tucker working a pot Bill Wallace wood turning Lisa Oakley working glass Pringle Teeter working glass

National Teapot Show X

felted Teapot

May 19 – Sept 5, 2017

May 19 –
September 5, 2017

Cedar Creek Gallery has hosted this show every three years for the past twenty-six years. 

Although every show is special in its own right, this year’s showing is especially significant as it leads into the 50th anniversary of the gallery. Marking the first kiln opening in 1968 this upcoming fall, we will be celebrating five decades of creating, showcasing and supporting fine craft. Started by two potters, Sid and Pat Oakley, Cedar Creek Gallery has stood the test of time by maintaining its high standard of supporting artisans from all over North America and connecting the public to quality, hand-crafted treasures. Annual festivals and shows like this one contribute to the ongoing narrative that art is necessary to a healthy, happy community and enriches the lives of all those who come across it.

Artists include
Richard Aerni, Nicole Aquillano, Lois Aronow, Gerald Arrington, Posey Bacopoulos, D. Hayne Bayless, Alan & Rosemary Bennett, Lanny Bergner, Peter Beasecker, Jason Bohnert, Susan Bostwick, Eileen Braun, Jeff Brown, Jim Budde, Davin Butterfield, Melisa Cadell, Chrissie Callejas, Kyle Carpenter, Steven Cheek, Fong Choo, Bede Clarke, Jim Connell, Cheryl Constantini & Mikio Matsumoto, James Cornell, Glenn Dair, Linda Dalton,Jeff Dean, Lucy V. Dierks, Maria Dondero, Doug Doton, Larry Downing, Claudia Dunaway, Christy Crews Dunn, Neil Estrick, Terry Evans, Stephen Fabrico, Nathan Falter, Larry Favorite, Marty Fielding, Susan Filley, Mark Fitzgerald,Julia Galloway, Susie Ganch, Nancy Gardner, Carol Gentithes, Terry Gess, Kerry Gonzalez, Tom Gray, Erik Haagensen, Deborah Harris, Jayne Harris, Lana Heckendorn, Steven Hill, Eric Jensen,  Fred Johnston, Jacob Johnson, Jordan Jones, Shelley Jones, John Jordan, Madeline Kaczmarczyk, Peter Karner, Matt Kelleher, Elizabeth Kendell, Kristen Kieffer, Jamie Kirkpatrick, Ron Koehn, Jim Kransberger, Leah Leitson, Hsin-Chuen Lin, Paul Linhares, Geoff Lloyd, Loren Lukens, Pamela A. MacGregor, Jeanine Marchand, John Martin, Stephanie Martin, Elisabeth Maurland, Sarah McCarthy, Cory McCrory, Linda McFarling, Barbara McKenzie, Jennifer Mecca, Reiko Miyagi, Una Mjurka,  CJ Niehaus, Susan O'Brien, Jeff Oestreich, Julie Olson, Jay & Janet O'Rourke, Karen Orsillo, Ben Owen III, Marsha Owen & Rick Moss, Bayle Owens, Pam Owens, Travis Owens, Vernon Owens, Marilyn Palsha, Jim & Shirl Parmentier, Susan Farrar Parrish, Ronan Peterson, Geoff Pickett, Teresa Pietsch, Shane Porter, Adam Posnak, Andrew Preiss, Elizabeth Prioli, Barbara Prodaniuk, Hal Pugh, Brenda Quinn, Jeremy Randall, Ann Coddington Rast, Eric Rempe, Andree Richmond, Deborah Rogers, Jon Michael Route, Meryl Ruth, Peter Saenger, Joseph Sand, James Sankowski, Ken Sedberry, Yoko Sekino-Bove', Laurie Shaman, Ellen Shankin, Susy Siegele & Mike Haley, Gertrude Graham Smith, Stacy Snyder, Jennifer Stas, Frank Stofan, Polly Adams Sutton, Karen Swyler, Joy Tanner, Charlie Tefft, Chris Theiss, Kelly Thiel, Brad Tucker, Joan Ulrich, Betsy Vaden, Eric Van Eimeren, Noi Volkov, David Voll, Evelyn Ward, Conrad Weiser, Jesse Whipkey, Julie Wiggins, DeLanieWise, Wendy Wrenn Werstlein, and Marie Wright

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