John Martin

John came to work at Cedar Creek Gallery in 1988, having met Sid Oakley as one of his plant customers while working in the horticultural industry. Though hired as the gardener, he soon found himself wearing many hats, as his creative and technical skills came to be realized. Sharing Sid's studio for 15 years, he glazed and fired Sid's pots, occasionally producing some of his own, and together they developed many new special-effects glazes and colors, aided by John's Chemical Engineering degree.

He assumed the position of lampcrafter, making it his own and stretching the envelope of design using his improvisational skills. He was instrumental, too, in helping to build Lisa Oakley’s first glass-blowing studio.  The gardens at Cedar Creek continued to prosper and grow, and customers were often greeted with lavish floral displays, both exotic and familiar, with the yearly Christmas tree becoming a favorite creation.   Also, occasional remodeling jobs in the gallery would reveal his handyman skills and broad sense of aesthetics.

John continues his studio work today, with master thrower Geoff Lloyd providing forms for John's glazing, firing and lampcrafting. A backyard nursery business, run with partner Jeff Bottoms, provides plants for the gardens and for sale at Cedar Creek, adding another facet to the Gallery. At home, three old mill houses, in various stages of restoration, keep John and Jeff busy, along with three acres of gardens slowly being developed around them, and greenhouses overflowing with orchids and other exotics. John hopes to create a unique setting to share with the world, reflecting his passion for beauty in all aspects of life, a passion developed and shared through his associations with Cedar Creek Gallery.