Forest and Flowers

New pots by Ronan Peterson and Teresa Pietsch

Forest and Flowers show postcard

Opening Friday, April 1st at 10am

Meet Ronan and Teresa 7pm Friday night during the festival kick-off.
Ronan will also have pottery demonstrations on Saturday, April 2.

"With my ceramic vessels I hope to create a comic book interpretation
of the natural world with a focus on the rocks and trees and
their role in the perpetual organic comedy of growth and decay."
~  Ronan Peterson

Both Ronan and Teresa draw inspiration from the natural world, but with strikingly different results.  In Ronan's work, earthy backgrounds palettes of stylized natural elements are disrupted by vibrant color, vivid patterns, glossy surfaces, and thick lines that reference comic style drawings.  As her former instructor, Ronan was excitedby Teresa's new body of work with its floral imagery, bright color splashes and free approach to line and image placement and he asked her to be part of this spring show.