NTSX162-1  Ron Koehn  King Tut Teapot

King Tut with Slave Cups, II
NTSX162-1     $850 NA
Ron Koehn

Stoneware clay.

"This teaset was inspired by my  visits to the Cairo Museum and the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.  Also, I had the opportunity to see the "Treasures of Tutankhamun" exhibition in Cologne, Germany and again in Denver, Colorado.  The art and culture of ancient Egypt during the time of the Pharoahs (4500 - 1090 BC) have fascinated me ever since.

In designing this tea set, I've stylized King Tut in the manner of the figures painted on the walls of his tomb.  It's the ancient Egyptians' conventional 2-D drawing formula of showing the head and legs in profile, the torso and eyes in front view, which I've translated into 3-D, giving this old art form a wacky new twist.  The teapot is functional. 

King Tut is stil revelent today.  Remember that 1980's pop-rock dance song, "Walk Like an Egyptian"? 
Try it! " ~  Ron

photo credit:  Ron Koehn