William Brock Bio

William Brock has spent his entire life building things, bearing in mind the "birds eye view". From overseeing construction of high rises in Atlanta to now recycling the very steel and coppers he once used in his buildings, today he is best known for his handcrafted spirit filled birds.

Having grown up in the foothills of Tennessee, Brock grew close to his Muskegan grandmother and learned how to live with, not just on, the land. The plants and animals became their medicine, food, and friend. And most notably the land, and everything on it, was always respected.

An oft neglected attention to detail is meticulously paid in each of Brock's works. Steel and other metals are cut with precision to envelop the armature in a beautiful lifelike manner that attracts the most discerning eye...including those of the critics that fly!

William Brock's signature is engraved on a copper ring banded to each reclaimed creation. Each bird, when kept outside, will take on a gorgeous rusted finish.

William Brock heron