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Davin & Kesler chopsticks are individually sanded and finished with beeswax to ensure the highest standard of quality. Thoughtfully designed, each pair of chopsticks comes with a holder that doubles as a rest while the chopsticks are in use. Available in cherry, maple, and ebony. These chopsticks should be hand washed. With proper care they will last a (human) lifetime. 


  • Always wash by hand
  • Each chopstick measures approximately 9 ½” long and 2 ¼” wide
  • Chopstick holder doubles as a rest while the chopsticks are in use

About Davin & Kesler

Tom Davin and Mary Kesler have been designing, making, and selling their work for more than forty years. Their specialty is small, precisely designed, and exquisitely made pieces. A balancing act, Tom handles the design and woodworking, while Mary concentrates on display, marketing, and keeping the business organized. The guiding principle in all that Davin and Kesler create is that things you use every day should work well and give you joy. After more than forty years of working together, Tom and Mary realize that their work is more than just pieces they craft, it is a lifestyle that continually challenges, pushes, and rewards.