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Jumbo Six Piece Train


This classic, handmade jumbo train has seven cars constructed of mixed hardwoods. The overall length of the train when all of the cars are connected is about 55" long. Each of the cars can be detached and played with individually, then reconnected in any order.

The engine is one solid unit. The gondola car contains removable barrels. Both the boxcar and the caboose have fitted lids over their compartments for hiding “secret”  cargo. The flat car has removable logs. The crane car swivels, has an operational crank to raise and lower its load, and is completed with a special lock to hold the load in place.

All other pieces of the cars (smokestack, wheels, axles, etc.) are permanently attached.

This train is a wonderful choice for an heirloom gift, or an extra special gift for an avid train collector. Did we mention that the classic jumbo train looks spectacular just as a room decoration?


  • The six train cars measure about 55" long when connected end to end
  • Natural, non-toxic, and child safe oiled finish
  • Each piece is sanded, finished, and detailed by hand

About Don Hurley

Don Hurley began handcrafting classic wooden toys in the early 1970s. In the beginning, he wanted to give his children sturdy toys that would provide hours of imaginative play. His children loved the toys and shared them with other neighbor children.  Over time, word of the wonderful toys spread, and Don's classic toy business was born!

When he became a grandparent, Don introduced a second generation of classic toys. Over the years, his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren became his test market - if the toys held up for their use, they were added to the toy line. 

Don uses a mix of hardwoods to construct the toys, and the oiled finish is natural and child safe. He sands, finishes, and details each piece by hand. All of the toys he creates are built to withstand generations of use, and are meant to provide hours of play for children of all ages!