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Little Red Bird of Remembrance


The stunning feathers of red birds and their sweet, familiar melodies make them a joy to behold! But some folks think these birds may also bring clues, and spotting one could have a unique meaning for your life.

Every Little Red Bird of Remembrance is a unique expression of art crafted with care, boasting distinct personalities revealed through their beaks, tails, and personalities. Measuring 3"w (beak to tail) x 1.5"d x 2"h, each bird is meticulously shaped by hand out of molten glass, making each bird one-of-a-kind with slight variations.


  • Each bird is sculpted by hand
  • Measures about 3"w (tail to beak) x 1.5"d x 2"h
  • Since every item is individually handcrafted, expect to find slight differences in size and design

About Jill Henrietta Davis

After experimenting with many different art forms, Jill Henrietta Davis was exposed to molten glass and immediately fell under its spell. “Glass can do things that would be impossible with any other material, and although the learning process is quite difficult, once you gain a little fluency, blowing glass is just plain fun,” says Jill. “I try to convey this fun by blending humor with fine craftsmanship in my designs.

Jill strives to blend excellent design and fine craftsmanship to create pieces of functional art within the reach of regular people. Small treasures. Each piece begins with a simple idea from daily life. Every piece of glass is hand-blown in her Rhode Island studio, by Jill and her fantastic assistants.