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Chubby Nut Horse Salt & Pepper Set


This functional piece is great for any table setting, indoors or out! Shakers are included. Made from scrap, reject and other metals. Each creation is unique, whimsical, and guaranteed to bring pleasure to its owner. With so many recognizable parts, this is also great conversation piece. Look carefully – you may find nuts, washers, bearings, or chains used in the creation of your awesome critter!

Measures approximately 9" x 9" x 7.5". Product dimensions may vary slightly as pieces are handmade. Salt & pepper shakers are included.


  • Made from scrap, reject, and other metals
  • Great for indoors and out
  • Salt & pepper shakers are included
  • Each piece is handmade, expect to find slight differences in size and design

About Richard Kolb

Richard Kolb and his father created the first Yardbird more than 20 years ago in Jamestown, Kentucky. They began talking about all the things that could be made with scrap materials, and after a little experimentation, the first Yard bird was born. People instantly loved them as much as they did, so they began creating Yard birds® full-time.

Yardbirds are now made in Louisville, KY. They try to use overrun, discontinued, rejected, and scrap materials as much as possible. Most of the pieces are made from scrap parts that were once in a transmission or another part of a vehicle.
Yardbirds are a great way to contribute to the good of the environment. They save rejected metal parts from ending up in a landfill, and they beautify homes and yards everywhere!