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Red Breasted Nuthatch with Pine


With its quiet calls and preference for forest habitats, red breasted nuthatches may be overlooked until they wander down a tree toward the ground. They often show little fear of humans, and may come very close if you stand quietly by.

This beautiful nuthatch wall sculpture is inspired by the simple beauty of nuthatches in their native habitat. The incredible detail and rich coloring of this songbird wall sculpture is achieved by layering pulverized glass coloring on solid copper, and firing in a kiln under extreme heat.

Measures approximately 6" wide x 9" tall x 1" deep.


  • Measures approximately 6" wide x 9" tall x 1" deep
  • Vitreous enamel fused to copper
  • 1600 degree kiln fired
  • Conceived, designed and manufactured in Cheshire, Connecticut since 1952
  • Measures approximately 6" wide x 9" tall x 1" deep
  • All dimensions are approximate due to the hand crafting of the item

About Bovano of Cheshire

Bovano of Cheshire is a renowned wildlife and nature enameled copper sculpture company founded in 1952 by artist Jim Bower. Bower began what became his lifelong trade by blending metalworking and sculpture using a unique process of fusing powdered glass to copper.

Over the years the family has grown their selection into an array of stunning wall and desktop sculptures featuring birds, sea creatures, flowers, and botanical elements. To this day, each Bovano sculpture is crafted from start to finish by skilled artisans in Cheshire, Connecticut.