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Blossom Ball - Small


Like blossoms on a flower, no two of these beautiful glass ornaments are alike. Each Blossom Ball is handcrafted, with vibrant colors and breathtaking patterns.

Whether you place them on a counter or hang them up, when the sunlight hits these delicate orbs, they give off a lovely, colorful light.


  • Each blossom ball measures approximately 2" in diameter.
  • Choice of several colors
  • As with all handcrafted items, variations in size, design, and color should be expected.

About Kitras Art Glass

We are a family run company, with a strong belief in finding, making and sharing the beauty we see around us everyday. Our story started in 1988 when husband and wife duo, Stephen and Elke Kitras moved to small town Fergus, Ontario. Stephen set up a small studio, produced every piece himself, and shipped it from their dining room table. Fast forward through the years, which were exciting but not short of struggles. We have expanded, shrunk, and grown again with the changing marketplace.

To this day we are proud to remain a family run company with a focus on creating beautiful glass objects for you to enjoy.