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Spatula - Left or Right Hand


When it comes to cooking utensils, there are really only a few things that are absolute essentials. This wooden spatula is one of them. Its natural material makes it long-lasting, and with its versatile shape, you can flip burgers, sauté vegetables, and everything in between! Since it’s wood, it’s safe to use on any type of cookware, including nonstick.

Left handed? We've got one for you, too! Both the left and right handed versions of this must-have spatula measure about 12" long and 2" wide. Since this is a handcrafted item, please expect to find slight variations in size, design, and color.


  • Available in left and right handed versions
  • Each spatula measures about 12" long and 2" wide at the widest point
  • Handcrafted using mesquite wood

About Ron & Christine Sisco

Ron and Christine Sisco have been handcrafting wooden kitchen utensils and breadboards for more than twenty-five years. Their work is created with sustainable domestic hardwoods, specifically mesquite, cherry and black walnut. Ron and Christine use the natural flaws they find in the wood to inlay turquoise, malachite, river rock and other stones. Using the natural cracks and knots in the wood as part of the design enables them to choose interesting pieces of wood that otherwise would never see their full potential.

Everything they create is fully functional. Often, we hear from customers that their work is too pretty to use, but we disagree. Life is to short not to surround yourself with beauty!