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Flounder. Two available in this listing, each sold separately. Alan & Rosemary created a special glaze for these fish that included adding canned baked beans to the mix. The pieces were glazed, then fired using a gas oxidation firing. The spots on these flounder are created by the reaction of the baked beans during the firing process. Suitable for display both indoors and outside.


  • Each flounder measures approximately 14 1/4" long x 8" high x 2 1/2" deep.
  • Suitable for display both indoors and outside.

About Alan & Rosemary Bennett

Experiences in and around the water have strongly influenced the work of Alan and Rosemary Bennett. The process begins with a series of sketches. Next, they create the primary forms using stoneware, clay, or porcelain. The forms are hollowed out, and the porcelain teeth and eyes are added. The pieces are bisque fired, and glazes are applied by dipping, spraying and brushing. Lastly, the pieces are fired a second time using one of a variety of firing techniques including Raku, reduction firing, wood firing, and others.