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Ribbon Dancer - Aluminum

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This sculpture is a celebration of feminine grace and beauty. Each ribbon is hand painted in vibrant and transparent rainbow colors and formed by hand into a seamless and flowing support structure. Measures approximately 9" tall, 7" wide, and 5" deep. As with all handcrafted items, slight variations in size, color, and design are to be expected.


  • Measures approximately 9" tall, 7" wide, and 5" deep
  • Handcrafted in lightweight aluminum
  • Formed and painted by hand
  • Freestanding design


About Sondra Gerber

Sondra Gerber loves dreaming up new ideas and seeing them come to life.  Aluminum is her preferred alloy choice due to its beautiful sheen, tendency to not corrode, and light weight in comparison to other metals. Sondra creates designs, then uses a laser to make the intricate cuts.  Each piece is then hand ground to create reflective patterns, manually bent, formed, and sealed with a clear coat in her home studio.