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Porcelain Jar

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Beautiful porcelain jar with carved sgraffito decoration. Just right for holding jewelry, cosmetics, and other items! Each jar measures approximately 3" in diameters and 2" tall.

Glaze color on each of the jars is a different color: Bee jar interior is celadon, spider is black, and heart is deep red.


  • Each jar measures approximately 3" in diameter.
  • Wonderful size for holding loose tea, spices, and jewelry.
  • Interior glaze colors are rich and smooth textured.

About Deborah Harris

Deborah Harris has been a full-time studio potter in Chapel Hill, North Carolina since 1997. Her work is influenced by many factors, especially world cultures, human movement, and living in a state so exceptionally rich in pottery history.

Her work begins on the potter’s wheel with porcelain as her first choice for a clay body. Texture is achieved using various ribs, carving tools, handmade stamps, or found objects. The work is bisque fired, glazed, and decorated. The ware is then fired a second time in either a soda or gas kiln using a reduction atmosphere.

Deborah is continually refining her techniques and experimenting with new ideas in hopes that her work will continue evolving through clay’s infinite potential.