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1 Tab Textured Earrings - Polished Silver & Gold

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Mixed metal earrings are a mainstay of this season's hottest trends, and these polished silver and gold earrings blend city-street textures with crisp, skyscraper lines for urban-chic style.

Handcrafted in oxidized sterling silver and 18k vermeil, each 1.75” earring features unique, individually acid-etched, granulated, and roller-printed patterns.

These textured earrings look great alone, or beautifully complement both the 3 Tab Necklace and 9 Tab Necklace.


  • Handcrafted in polished sterling silver and 18k vermeil
  • Patterns are acid etched, granulated, and roller printed and vary from piece to piece
  • Earrings measure about 1.75” long


About Q Evon

If she didn't have to earn a living, North Carolina artist Q Evon would have been a sculptor. In truth, her jewelry is sculpture on a smaller scale, fashioned with metal and painted with stones.
Q's collections radiate simplicity, harmony, and timelessness. She draws on the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, finding beauty in imperfections. The beauty around her becomes part of the inspiration and the studio hums with new work and energy.