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Stemless Wine Glasses

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Make every day a celebration and turn your beverage into an experience! These fun party tumblers are great as stemless wine glasses but accommodate so much more. With five different color mixes, everyone gets their favorite!

Each glass is a beautiful mix of colors; the most prominent color is used for the description.

Each glass is about 3.75” in diameter, and holds a generous 8 ounces.


  • Each glass is about 3.75” in diameter, and holds a generous 8 ounces
  • Variety of colors available
  • As with all handmade craft, slight variations in color, size and design are to be expected

About Michael Trimpol

Michael Trimpol founded a small glassblowing studio in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont in 1995.  Michael and his team of talented glassblowers at Little River Glass Studio have been producing beautiful pieces of art ever since.

The artists work gathering and blowing the molten glass until each piece achieves the balance and harmony they are striving for. They often incorporate processes such as cold working, sandblasting, cutting, and polishing to bring focus to the characteristics of each piece they create.