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The National Teapot Show XII has arrived! Shop for your favorite teapots online and in the gallery. Through September 10.

Ed Byers & Holden McCurry - Floating Zen Garden in an Indigo Sea


Ed Byers & Holden McCurry
New Mexico

Earthenware with Layered Terra Sigillata, Slips and Oxide Washes. Fired to Cone 04 and Waxed.
8"w x 5.5"d x 9.25"h

About the Teapot
This sculptural teapot is coil-built with a slab-built permanently attached lid and handle. Symbolic of a Japanese garden with stones placed in a moss garden under a contemporary tori gate. The intent of this teapot is for sculptural purposes only.

About Ed & Holden
Holden and Ed have worked in ceramics since 1997 and as a team since 2003. Both are graduates of Auburn University and have completed post-graduate studies at Penland School of Craft in NC and in Santa Fe, NM. They use a collaborative process to make all unique, one-of-a-kind sculptures.

 *Teapots that are sold must remain on display in the gallery as part of the exhibit until the show closes on September 10, 2020.  After the show closes, teapots will be carefully packed and shipped by September 26 or available for pick-up at the gallery.

About National Teapot Show XII

May 20 - September 10, 2023

Cedar Creek Gallery's National Teapot Show XII is an invitational event featuring teapots crafted by artists from across North America.  More than 200 hand-crafted teapots created using a broad range of materials - including pottery, glass, wood, fiber, and mixed media.

Teapots in the show come in all shapes and sizes! Some are functional - just right for your daily cup of tea, while others are created as sculptural teapots.

Every teapot in the show is available for purchase.