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The Pumpkin Patch is open! Pumpkins are available in the gallery and online.

Round Ornament


These ornaments are created from glass at a starting temperature of 2000 degrees F, gathering the glass on a blow pipe and adding color in different layers. The glass is formed and blown gradually, shaping it by hand with folded wet newspaper and metal tools.


  • Each ornament measures approximately 3" in diameter.
  • Choice of color.
  • Since the ornaments are made by hand - one at a time - slight variations in design, color and size are to be expected.

About The Glass Forge

Following months of intensive discussion, planning, building, and preparation, The Glass Forge Studio first lit its furnaces on Memorial Day of 1998. The studio became a reality through the vision of several artists who met while working for various San Francisco Bay Area glass studios. Currently, this collaborative team consists of artists Lee Wassink, Nathan Sheafor, and Dennis Hoerauf, all of whom bring unique skills and vision to The Glass Forge.