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The National Teapot Show XII has arrived! Shop for your favorite teapots online and in the gallery. Through September 10.

Glenn Dair - Teapee 1


Glenn Dair

Slab-constructed Ceramic, Cone 6 Soda-fired
7.5"w x 3"d x 8.5"h

About the Teapot
Why teapots? All my work is based on utilitarian archetypes but influenced by architecture. I make teapots because of the challenge and because I love the expressive nature of the gesture, driven by the thrust of the spout. These will hold tea (not much) and pour (strangely). They are designed to give the owner something new to look at with each viewing.

About Glenn
I love moving clay around and am fascinated by the changing moods of this medium. I approach the work as a dialog or a partnered dance, listening and following as much as directing. Most of my work starts on the wheel but doesn’t stay that way. I can’t leave anything alone. I strive to throw like a hand builder and will work on a piece until it surprises me with its newness. The work is mainly founded on utilitarian context (“teapot,” “lidded jar,” “bowl,”’ etc.), but often not restricted by usefulness. I am more interested in the gesture of the genre and am concerned with the sculptural presence of the object- how the thing takes up space and shapes the area around it. Surface treatment is directed toward shaping the space within the space. Form and surface: that’s all we have to work with.
I look to non-pottery sources for influence and am drawn primarily to architectural forms and Chinese bronzes. I believe that traditional Indonesian wooden boats are among the finest forms ever made, and I hope someday to create an object of such quality. Rarely are these influences used consciously. I prefer to witness, sublimate, and incorporate the images into the self of myself so that my heart and hands may do the real work.

*Teapots that are sold must remain on display in the gallery as part of the exhibit until the show closes on September 10, 2023.  After the show closes, teapots will be carefully packed and shipped by September 26 or available for pick-up at the gallery.

About National Teapot Show XII

May 20 - September 10, 2023

Cedar Creek Gallery's National Teapot Show XII is an invitational event featuring teapots crafted by artists from across North America.  More than 200 hand-crafted teapots created using a broad range of materials - including pottery, glass, wood, fiber, and mixed media.

Teapots in the show come in all shapes and sizes! Some are functional - just right for your daily cup of tea, while others are created as sculptural teapots.

Every teapot in the show is available for purchase.