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The National Teapot Show XII has arrived! Shop for your favorite teapots online and in the gallery. Through September 10.

Jeanine Pennell - Dogwood Teapot


Jeanine Pennell
New Jersey

Hand-sculpted Paperclay with Underglaze Washes
9"w x 4.75"d x 10"h

Artist Statement
I work in kiln-fired paperclay creating quirky, whimsical figures that draw you in to deeply human stories. My pieces are poised between the safety of whimsy and the darkness of the things we find hard to say. Faces, as well as objects, convey vulnerability and evoke storylines. Each figure is hand sculpted and hand-painted in underglaze washes, typically fired multiple times to create a gritty, illustrative quality.
My sculpture is influenced by my love of clay animation, doll house miniatures, and a pull to create your own world. As a child, I spent hours playing with little figures and building miniature cities - immersed in these tiny pretend worlds. I surrounded myself with illustration books from the library and relished the Daily News cartoons with my family each Sunday. The mystery of found objects, the worn and weathered things that appear in my work - like hand­ me-downs from my siblings - bring ease and comfort. Masks speak to explorations of vulnerability and pretending to be someone you are not, both as a child and an adult.
My work is like a found object or secret doorway inviting you into an entire world.

About Jeanine
I have been studying and sculpting faces and figures in clay since I was young. But long ago, I stopped following a dream and made a life. I was a mother, wife, and successful business owner but not a dreamer. A few years ago, I started to dream again. I began sculpting my figures and permitted myself to create whatever I wanted. No boundaries and no editing. No criticism. My only rule is to stay true to myself and listen to that inner voice that urges me on. As a self-taught artist, people respond to a refreshing naivete and freedom in my work that is beyond the limits of usual convention.
My creative process begins with my sketchbook and free drawing. I draw intuitively, allowing the sketch to take form. I paint the drawings and then sculpt them in one day to keep the inspiration for the piece fresh. Sculptures arise seemingly from nowhere. At first, I have no idea why I've been compelled to create a particular piece. But once complete, as I sit with my journal, experiencing the completed work with open awareness, I begin to write. The writing excavates some deeply conscious part of myself, and I am astounded by a sudden recognition of meaning from my childhood or current experiences.

*Teapots that are sold must remain on display in the gallery as part of the exhibit until the show closes on September 10, 2020.  After the show closes, teapots will be carefully packed and shipped by September 26 or available for pick-up at the gallery.

About National Teapot Show XII

May 20 - September 10, 2023

Cedar Creek Gallery's National Teapot Show XII is an invitational event featuring teapots crafted by artists from across North America.  More than 200 hand-crafted teapots created using a broad range of materials - including pottery, glass, wood, fiber, and mixed media.

Teapots in the show come in all shapes and sizes! Some are functional - just right for your daily cup of tea, while others are created as sculptural teapots.

Every teapot in the show is available for purchase.