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The National Teapot Show XII has arrived! Shop for your favorite teapots online and in the gallery. Through September 10.

Jeremy Randall - Red Teapot


Jeremy Randall
New York

Earthenware, Terra Sigilatta, Oxides, Nichrome Wire
6.5"w x 6"d x 9.75"h

Artist Statement
Familiarity evokes memory, and I look to this association to present nostalgia through form. My reference to rural American architecture and antique rural implements places the viewer in a familiar setting layered with time, function, and history. At the same time, color creates celebration in these iconic objects.  The vessel forms tie these objects back to the domestic space, enriching ones living environment while allowing for quiet contemplation and a reminder of a simpler time.

About Jeremy
Jeremy Randall has worked in clay and made hand-built earthenware pottery for over 20 years. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University and his Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics from the University of Florida. He lives in Tully, New York, and owns and operates his studio/teaching business Papavero Clay Studio in Skaneateles, NY. In 2017 he began an apprenticeship program in his studio, looking for ways to offer traditional/non-traditional educational experiences in a ceramic studio setting.

*Teapots that are sold must remain on display in the gallery as part of the exhibit until the show closes on September 10, 2020.  After the show closes, teapots will be carefully packed and shipped by September 26 or available for pick-up at the gallery.

About National Teapot Show XII

May 20 - September 10, 2023

Cedar Creek Gallery's National Teapot Show XII is an invitational event featuring teapots crafted by artists from across North America.  More than 200 hand-crafted teapots created using a broad range of materials - including pottery, glass, wood, fiber, and mixed media.

Teapots in the show come in all shapes and sizes! Some are functional - just right for your daily cup of tea, while others are created as sculptural teapots.

Every teapot in the show is available for purchase.