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The National Teapot Show XII has arrived! Shop for your favorite teapots online and in the gallery. Through September 10.

Joy Tanner - Carved Teapot


Joy Tanner
North Carolina

Stoneware, Soda-fired in a Gas-fired Soda Kiln to Cone 10
7"w x 4.25"d x 10.5"h

About the Teapot
This is a wheel thrown stoneware teapot hand carved with patterns inspired by nature. The detailed handle is quite complex to build, and the details resemble the shape of flower buds or leaves. This also correlates to the shape of the knob on the lid resembling the opening of two leaves or a flower bud.

Artist Statement
While I pay equal attention to form, surface, and detail, my pottery is most noted for its carved patterns inspired by nature. I am just as interested in the way a leaf connects to its stem as I am the folds of a mountain range or bursts of color at sunrise. These reflections I find in nature weave their way into the surfaces of my pots, and accrue a rhythm all their own as they swirl and drape across surfaces, suggesting spider webs, ripples in a stream, or water patterns in sand. Through my regular yoga and meditation practice I have become quite interested with the connection between our body and mind and the forms I create out of clay, or the inspirations I find in nature. Often it feels like the form of the pot swells with breath, like my body in certain yoga poses, or my jar knobs resemble hands reaching up in a sun salutation. The bones of the body, such as the rib cage, resemble the patterned lines and edges that drape over the form of the pot.
My work reflects an awareness of the present moment, resulting in uniquely designed pottery that is just as inviting to ponder and touch as it is to use and share. Firing my stoneware forms in a soda kiln or a wood kiln yields an ever changing palette of natural variations of color. Cradling a cup or bowl in their hands, people feel inspired to bring a sense of awareness and ritual into their lives. Integrating the way I experience the world with the way I design my pottery is essential to my creativity. Whether rinsing garden tomatoes at the kitchen sink, or pausing to study wildflowers along the trail, I believe in taking time to notice the little details of life.

About Joy
My childhood in eastern Tennessee was full of music lessons and exploring the natural world through hiking and camping with my family. I found my creative focus when I discovered working with clay in college, while growing my interest in photography and exploring with my camera in hand. In 2004 I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Then I pursued a Resident Artist position at the Odyssey Center for the Ceramic Arts in Asheville, North Carolina. In 2007 I established my own clay studio near Penland School of Craft. Immersing myself in the beautiful mountains has greatly inspired my work and my life.  When I’m not making pots, I enjoy being outside in nature in my garden, hiking with my family, doing yoga, cooking, and playing the piano.

*Teapots that are sold must remain on display in the gallery as part of the exhibit until the show closes on September 10, 2020.  After the show closes, teapots will be carefully packed and shipped by September 26 or available for pick-up at the gallery.

About National Teapot Show XII

May 20 - September 10, 2023

Cedar Creek Gallery's National Teapot Show XII is an invitational event featuring teapots crafted by artists from across North America.  More than 200 hand-crafted teapots created using a broad range of materials - including pottery, glass, wood, fiber, and mixed media.

Teapots in the show come in all shapes and sizes! Some are functional - just right for your daily cup of tea, while others are created as sculptural teapots.

Every teapot in the show is available for purchase.