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Cat Jar with Stripes


Beautiful stoneware jar with a cat sculpture handle on the lid. The stripe pattern on this jar is rich and varied, with nice glaze effects throughout. A nice size at 4.5" in diameter and x 8.75" tall, this jar is a wonderful keepsake piece, but also irresistible - who wouldn't want to have this as a cookie jar for themselves - or for the feline family members?


  • Measures approximately 4.5" in diameter and x 8.75" tall - large enough at the opening to fit your hand inside
  • A handcrafted collaboration from Marsha Owen and Martha Walton. No two jars are exactly alike, so expect variations in size, color, and design from one to another

About Marsha Owen & Martha Walton

Collaboration of Two North Carolina Artists

 Marsha Owen has been a professional potter working out of her home in Raleigh for over thirty five years. She occasionally works with other talented craftsmen and artists with the goal of creating something neither one of them could produce on their own. Hence this collection of "Adoptables" cat and dog vessels.

Martha Walton is a professional artist who works in many media including oil paints, pastels, and clay, using techniques such as appliqué, wood-burning, decals, and 3D sculpture. She is also a dog and cat lover, and completely embraced the idea of a collaboration with Marsha that combines Marsha’s clay expertise with Martha’s artistic talents and love of animals.