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Swirl Ornament


Hang this ornament in your home and let its remarkable beauty shine! Shades of blue, white, and green aventurine glass are combined and swirled into designs that are sure to catch your eye! This ornament measures approximately 3.5" in diameter, and is feather light!


  • Each ornament measures approximately 3.5" in diameter
  • Use as holiday ornaments, or leave them up all year round
  • As these ornaments are handcrafted, expect to notice slight variations in size, color, and design

About Ron Hinkle

Born and reared in Buckhannon, West Virginia, Ron Hinkle developed a love of glass at the tender age of 12. Taking the glass tubing from his chemistry set, Ron learned to bend and stretch the glass over the burners of his mother's kitchen stove. He became fascinated by the movement, the flow, and the possibilities of glass.

Ron is fulfilling a lifelong dream to create and sell his own works of glass art. Thanks to Ron and other artists like him across the country, glassblowing is no longer a dying art, but alive and well in the 21st century.