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Stoneware Mug - Green

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Artist Frank Stofan uses the ashes from his neighbors' wood stoves to create the distinctive wood ash glaze pattern found in his work. These mugs are crafted from white stoneware, with a green-gray outer glaze complimented by a darker glaze on the interior.
Available in two sizes:

  • The traditionally sized mug measures about 4" tall and 3.25" in diameter (not including the handle). We think of this mug as the size lots of people use for their morning cup of coffee - not too big, not too small.
  • The taller mug will hold a lot of whatever you pour into it! It stands 5.25" tall and measures about 3.25" in diameter (not including the handle). Use it for coffee, as a beer stein, a generous gulp of water, or even a small vase for fresh cut flowers!


  • The smaller mug measures about 4" tall and 3.25" in diameter
  • The taller mug stands 5.25" tall and measures 3.25" in diameter
  • The color runs to a green-gray, with a dark interior

About Frank Stofan

Frank Stofan's studio opened in 1998 where he has developed a unique line of ash glazed pottery suited for everyday use and the collector's table. Frank uses fine white stoneware. Each piece is hand-thrown and fired to 2300 degrees. The wood ash glaze is formulated with ashes recycled from the wood stoves of neighbors in the community. The ashes help melt the other elements in the glaze and create the distinctive tree-like effect.