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Cedar Creek's CUPful show is here! This annual event runs through Feb 26, and features hundreds of mugs and cups from across the United States. Find your favorite!

Tower Candlesticks


These 4” candlesticks feature a swirling inky blue color through clear cast glass reminiscent of ink swirling in water.  Sold in pairs. 

The hole in the top of these candlesticks is designed to fit an average tapered candle - we include a pair of metal drip cups and a pair of blue 9" taper candles as shown in the picture.

Each candlestick is signed and dated, and all pieces are made by hand so no two are exactly alike.


  • Sold in pairs
  • Each candlestick measures approximately 4" tall x 2.25" wide x 2.25" deep
  • Includes a pair of drip cups and a pair of 9" blue taper candles as shown
  • Signed and dated by the artist
  • Candles should never be allowed to burn down into the glass
  • All pieces are made by hand so no two are exactly alike

About Joel & Candace Bless

Joel and Candace Bless are a husband and wife team known for their  handblown and cast glass designs that capture and radiate light. Joel and Candace Bless collaborate on a luminous series of handblown and cast glass candlesticks, bowls, and lamps. They combine modern and ancient techniques to achieve unique effects and possibilities in glass. In their series, Cast Glass Candlesticks, Joel and Candace pour molten clear crystal, sometimes accented with color, into a handcrafted graphite form. This demanding process requires physical agility and strength along with quick decision making while tolerating intense heat from the molten glass. This technique allows for random patterns to form during the cooling process.