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Pumpkins are here! Pick your favorites: online and in the gallery!

Crush Lil Bitty Pumpkin


Add some personality to your decor with this eye-catching Crush Lil Bitty Pumpkin! Its unique design features clear glass with bright orange flecks that are sure to bring a bit of autumnal magic to your space! This mini pumpkin is a fun, charming accent all season long!

Each Crush Lil Bitty Pumpkin measures about 2.25" in diameter and 3" tall - including the stem. And just like real pumpkins, no two are exactly the same. Each one is unique, with slight variations in color and size.

The look of a piece of glass varies depending on its lighting and surface placement. Take a look at the photo of the pumpkin pair to see how the pumpkin changes when lit from beneath.

Experience this beautiful, illuminated effect on your pumpkins with an LED Light Base. Learn more - click here!


  • Warm, rich colors in a tiny size
  • Measures about 2.25" in diameter and 3" tall - including the stem
  • Hand blown glass crafted by Cedar Creek studio artist Mike Pope

About Mike Pope

In 2014, Michael decided to take a break from his career as a heavy equipment diesel technician and become a stay at home dad. Shortly thereafter, his life long friend Harrison Harper asked him to be his glass blowing assistant in Lisa Oakley’s glass studio at Cedar Creek Gallery. During the three years that Mike worked with Harrison, he also created his own glass pieces and refined his skills.

 Today, he is not only a glass blowing assistant to Lisa Oakley, but an artist in his own right, continuing to create and refine his own body of work