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Matte Black & Tenmoku Mugs


Experience the ultimate indulgence with these stunning stoneware mugs! The petite size is perfect for espresso, while the medium and tall sizes are ideal for serving tea, coffee, or your preferred iced drink of choice. Each mug is skillfully designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind, featuring a sleek matte black exterior glaze complemented by a dazzling Tenmoku interior glaze.

Mini Mug
2.75" diameter x 3" tall
3.75" diameter x 3.75" tall
Tall Mug
3" diameter x 5.75" tall


  • Three sizes available
  • Beautiful matte black outside and Tenmoku (Japanese black accent) inner glaze

About Maishe Dickman

Originally trained as an industrial designer, Maishe Dickman strives to ensure the pottery he creates is aesthetically pleasing. Inspired by nature, his classic dinnerware forms are calming to the eye and inviting to the touch.
Maishe’s work is stoneware fired in a reduction atmosphere to Cone 10 in his Connecticut studio.  Most of his pieces are functional and intended for everyday use, with an occasional one-of-a-kind decorative item. He primarily works on the potter's wheel, although he uses slab construction for some pieces.