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Our Story

Cedar Creek Gallery is a showcase of outstanding contemporary craft representing the creative artistry of over 250 American and Canadian craftspeople. Our gallery features work from our onsite potters and glass blowers as well as local, regional and national artisans.  In addition to pottery and glass you will find exquisite handcrafted jewelry, wood, garden art, metal, children’s toys, soaps, candles and more. Whether coffee mugs, a blown glass bowl, or an heirloom rocking chair excite you, we have 4000 square feet of display and beautifully landscaped gardens to tantalize your senses. We offer the highest quality, ever-changing collection of functional and non-functional American fine craft, with work that appeals to first-time buyers as well as collectors.

 It all began with two young hippies and a dream more than 50 years ago. In 1968 Sid and Pat Oakley bought a few acres of tobacco fields and began creating a place where they could make pottery. First they built a kiln shelter, then a studio building, and eventually a small house where they could raise their family.

Other young potters wanting to work in a similar environment were welcomed and mentored, and a community began with Sid and Pat at the center. Through hard work and passion, the dream flourished and slowly evolved.

Sid and Pat’s daughter, Lisa, found her own creative path in glass and built a studio on the property. The gallery continues to operate and grow under her leadership, and most days she is either in the gallery or blowing glass. 

Cedar Creek’s success goes beyond the Oakley family. Much of it is credited to the collective efforts of countless individuals who have made this their haven over the years. Sid and Pat’s vision has been moved forward not only by craftspeople who have contributed their work, but also by the creative individuals curating the selection of fine craft and elevating the customer experience.

Our wonderful customers complete the vision by finding us, coming back, and spreading the word. This combination allows us to thrive and supports the work of hundreds of craftspeople, assisting them in making a living at their craft.