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Frequently Asked Questions 

When are you open?
10am – 6pm seven days a week.

We are closed Thanksgiving and Christmas days. 
We close at 3 pm on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

How many studios are there? 
There are two glass blowing studios and five pottery studios on the property. 

Do artists live here?
At least one artist, often more, have lived on the property since 1968.

When can you see the artists working?
We have Pottery and Glass Festivals the first two weekends in April and October each year.  During these weekends our studio artists as well as visiting artists demonstrate, explain the process and answer questions about their craft. 

Throughout the year our onsite studio artists may or may not be working on any particular day as they make their own schedules. Please understand that they make a living at their craft and need to focus uninterrupted in their studios.  When they are working, you are welcome to watch them through the windows, but they may not be able to stop and answer questions.

Is there somewhere to eat nearby?
The closest restaurants are in Butner, Creedmoor and Durham. You are welcome to bring a picnic and eat at one of the tables on the grounds.

Can I bring my dog?
Pets are not allowed inside the gallery.  On the grounds they must be leashed, and you are responsible for cleaning up after them.  We ask that you respect that not everyone is comfortable around dogs.

Are the items for sale in the gallery also  sold online?
The selection of fine craft available on our website is a small sampling of what you will find when you visit the gallery. It simply isn’t possible to put everything in the gallery online.

If there is an artist that you are interested in that you don’t find online, or if you wish to see a larger selection of someone’s work than what is featured on our website, please reach out to us. We are real people who are dedicated lovers of fine craft, and we will be delighted to share more of what’s available in the gallery.

If something is offered online, will I be able to find it at the gallery as well?
We try to keep all items offered online stocked in the gallery as well, but the inventories are kept separate.  If there is something available online that you cannot find in the gallery, please ask.  We can get it for you.  Also, you can order online for pickup in the gallery.

Do you offer classes?
We don’t offer any classes.  Each studio is a private studio, and not equipped for classes.

How do I get my work in the gallery?
If you are interested in having your body of work considered for the gallery, please email images, a description of your work and processes along with a wholesale price list to 

Why are your staff members so attractive and incredibly smart?
Glad you think so too. Not only that, but we have an incredible sense of humor!