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Cedar Creek Gallery is dedicated to perpetuating the culture of fine craft. For over fifty years, this has been a place where artists and lovers of art have connected in person and spirit. We began as a pottery studio and have grown into a community of working potters and glassblowers and a gallery featuring the work of hundreds of emerging and established artists from across the United States and Canada. By providing talented and dedicated artisans a place to showcase their work and connecting their creativity to people who want to fill their lives with the joy of handcrafted beauty, we assist them in making a living at their craft.

The selection of fine craft available on our website is a small sampling of what you will find when you visit the gallery. It simply isn’t possible to put everything in the gallery online. If there is an artist that you are interested in that you don’t find here, or if you wish to see a more extensive selection of someone’s work featured on our website, please reach out to us. We are real people who are dedicated lovers of fine craft, and we will be delighted to share more of what’s available in the gallery.