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Harrison Harper

Harrison Harper began his career as a glass artist in 2002, creating lamps. He transitioned from lampworking, where artists use a torch to melt cold glass, to offhand glass blowing, where artists use a blowpipe and hot glass.
In 2004 Harrison began working with artist Lisa Oakley at Oakley Studio Glass. Two years later, he began working as a full-time glassblower but stepped back to be a stay-at-home dad when his first child was born. Harrison remained a studio artist at Cedar Creek until moving to Washington State in 2018. In 2021, Harrison and his family moved back to North Carolina, and he resumed working as a studio artist at Oakley Studio Glass.
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    Fiddlehead Fern

    Harrison Harper

    Fresh, young shoots from the ostrich fern emerge from the ground every spring and display a unique shape that resembles the scroll on a violin (or ...

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