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  • Handwoven Scarf

    Kathy Edelman Hutchinson

    This scarf is soft and lightweight yet incredibly warm, making it perfect for year-round wear. Handwoven of the finest yarns, including cotton, ray...

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  • Shot Glass

    Aaron Dickinson

    These wood shot glasses have a custom-designed stainless steel liner. Each one is crafted using locally sourced hardwood. This means all the shot g...

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  • Rocks Tumbler

    Tom Stoenner

    Swirls of glass cane create colorful rainbows in this blown glass tumbler. Perfect for everyday use, and a great way to add a festive flair to your...

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  • Bread Knife

    Ron & Christine Sisco

    Cut the perfect slice of bread every time! Fine turquoise is inlaid in the natural cracks and veins of the mesquite wood, making each bread knife c...

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  • Cardinal Tile

    Nawal Motawi

    Mid-century modern meets Nawal Motawi mastery in this tile based on the work of celebrated wildlife artist Charley Harper, a self-described "minima...

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  • Salad Claws

    Ron & Christine Sisco

    These salad claws have got it all - big enough to serve up large salads and small enough to give you great control when tossing and flipping. Handc...

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  • Headbanger Tile

    Nawal Motawi

    "A red-headed woodpecker really knows how to use its head." — Charley Harper (from Harper's "Headbanger" print).Mid-century modern meets Motawi mas...

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