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Stoneware Mug


Warm your hands on a cold day with your favorite beverage in a stoneware mug! Sold individually, these mugs represent the best of North Carolina's tradition of wood ash glaze and functional, beautiful, handcrafted pottery.

Each of these mugs is carefully crafted - from the contoured rim that makes sipping easy, to the "just right" handle and weight.


  • Each mug measures approximately 3.25" in diameter x 5" tall.
  • Since they are handcrafted, you can expect to find slight variations in color, size, and design - celebrate the uniqueness of handmade craft along with us!

About Brad Tucker

Brad Tucker blends traditional influences with contemporary sensibilities to produce graceful yet sturdy pots of lasting beauty and utility. All his work is made to be used in the home and includes a wide range of items for cooking, serving or display.

Brad loves to cook and uses the items he makes in his kitchen at home. Creating wares he uses makes Brad particular about the details. Pitchers pour easily, and mugs and cups are satisfying to hold. Bowls and plates stack well, jar lids fit, and casserole dish handles are comfortable.