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Elegance Large Jewelry Box


This large jewelry box is designed with exceptional attention to detail. Upon opening the lid, you will notice a brilliant self-rising tray that can hold rings, earrings, and watches. Additionally, there are hand-polished brass necklace hooks and soft fabric pouches to store your necklaces and bracelets securely The tray itself is supported by handmade dividers that keep your jewelry organized and tidy. The box is made of solid walnut hardwood, with a quilted maple veneer hardwood lid, and is further accentuated by handmade wenge feet, corner splines, and lid handle. This jewelry box is a true embodiment of elegance.
The outer dimensions of this elegant box measure approximately 12" wide, 9.5" deep, and 4.5" tall closed, and 12" tall open.


  • An elegant box designed with true attention to detail
  • Measures approximately 12" wide, 9.5" deep, and 4.5" tall closed, and 12" tall open


About Dan & Jesse Chernetski

Dan & Jesse Chernetski specialize in crafting high-quality wooden jewelry boxes in their workshop located in Northwestern Wisconsin. Their woodworking techniques may be described as "old school", but it only adds to the character of their products. Handmade jigs, custom pieces, and even equipment are all designed by the woodworkers. Stain is never used, which makes the wood's natural grain the star.
Whether it’s a small desk item or a large jewelry chest, their passion is evident in the masterful workmanship and fine details in each piece they create.