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Glass Orb


These incredible handcrafted glass orbs were created by North Carolina artist David Goldhagen. Each orb boasts a stunning combination of purple, blue, green, and dichroic glass swirled together to form a distinct and captivating design.
These orbs are impressively weighty, each tipping the scales at around four pounds, and measuring approximately four inches in diameter. Arrange them as a striking accent in any room, or take it up a notch by displaying one on an LED puck light (available separately).


  • Solid glass - each orb weighs about 4 pounds
  • A unique combination of purple, blue, green, and dichroic glass
  • Looks great on its own or displayed on an LED puck light, available separately

About David Goldhagen

North Carolina artist David Goldhagen is known for creating unique sculptural forms and massive hand-blown glass platters. His painterly approach to art glass marries bold colors to brilliant, clear crystal in a clean, modern style.
Using traditional glassblowing methods thousands of years old, David Goldhagen creates each piece individually, working with molten glass at temperatures more than 2000°F. His pieces capture a palette that moves from subtle to bold by incorporating bits of colored glass made from various mixtures of metallic oxides and rare earth elements, such as silver, cobalt, gold, copper, and dichroics.