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Hardwood Toy Car


A charming accent for a child's room or the study, these cars are handmade from fine hardwoods. Each wooden car is crafted with precision and care to ensure lasting quality and playtime memories. Perfect for bringing a touch of classic nostalgia to any space.

Each car measures approximately 5" long, 3" high, and 2" wide.


  • 100% non-toxic finish
  • Handmade from exotic and domestic hardwoods
  • Patterns very


About David Levy

David Levy is the founding artist of Hardwood Creations. He has been designing, developing, and making wood products since 1977 when he studied design at the University of California at Davis.
The artwork is made with solid pieces of domestic and exotic hardwood, some with unusual and stunning colors, to create beautiful and functional art with superior construction, artistic design, and unusual flair.