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Tile - Backyard Wonderling


Discover the wonders of nature with the backyard beetle and flower ceramic tile. This handcrafted piece, made from terra cotta clay, is the perfect complement for any home.


  • Tile measures approximately 8 1/2" tall, 8 1/2" wide, and 1/4" in depth.
  • May be hung on the wall, placed on a horizontal surface, or incorporated into a custom tile installation.

About Parran Collery

Maryland artist Parran Collery specializes in the creation of exquisite hand crafted decorative tiles and mosaics in her small Maryland studio. With roots firmly planted in the art tile renaissance, Parran uses traditional tile forming methods to create brightly glazed, relief-sculpted images in terra cotta clay.

Her hand-crafted tiles are inspired by birds, bugs, stars in the dark night sky, small bits found in the woods, and the simple beauty found in everyday objects. The tiles and mosaics Parran creates are contemplative, intimate, and revelatory, engaging a strong sense of personal relevance for those who spend time with them.