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$50 to $100

  • Bowl - Small

    Bill Wallace
    from $86.00

    Beautiful small wooden bowl hand turned by North Carolina Craftsman Bill Wallace. Perfect for salads, snacks, or display. Available in your choice ...

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  • Fire Truck

    Don Hurley

    Save the day with this classic wooden fire truck! A perfect choice for little ones on the go. Handcrafted out of walnut and oak, with birch wheels ...

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  • Four Piece Train

    Don Hurley

    This classic four piece train is a perfect choice for little ones on the go, or for the train collector in your life. Handcrafted out of walnut and...

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  • Hardwood Travel Mug

    Aaron Dickinson

    Keep your beverages where they belong- in style! Each travel mug features an exterior of handcrafted hardwoods. With a clear coat finish on the woo...

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  • Inside-Out Tong


    These 12 inch tongs fold inside-out. Perfect for salad, but also great for anything hot - like a baked potato. Fold inside-out for use, then flip a...

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  • Ladle

    Jonathan's Spoons

    This medium-sized ladle is balanced for easy use - and the curve of the handle makes it a great fit for your hand. Just what you need for moving yo...

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  • Leaf Shaped Board

    Aaron Dickinson
    from $67.00

    Nature inspired leaf shaped board available in three sizes. Handcrafted from a variety of beautiful hardwoods, including maple, ash, hickory, white...

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  • Letter Opener

    Davin & Kesler
    from $48.00

    Hand crafted from exotic woods, the Davin & Kesler letter opener is a distinguished addition to any home or office. The design is simple and el...

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  • Maple Cribbage Board

    Michael Fisher

    This all-inclusive set is fashioned to perfection. Crafted of beautiful maple hardwood and decorated with a classic inlay, this solid board will la...

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  • Watch & Valet Stand

    Matt Thomas

    Beautiful watch and valet stand. Features an attractive T-bar design for storing watches, and room below for keeping your wallet, change, phone, an...

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  • Wooden Toolbox

    Don Hurley

    An oak carrying box, which contains a hammer, a screwdriver, a saw, a square, a hand drill, and a 6 inch ruler is the perfect tool set for the youn...

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