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Sea Turtle with Coral


Sea turtles breathe air but are deep divers and can remain submerged for hours. They even sleep underwater. Most sea turtles spend their entire life at sea, only returning to nesting beaches to lay eggs.
Sea turtles possess unique physical features that allow them to move gracefully and swiftly through the ocean. Unlike other turtles, they are unable to tuck their flippers and head into their shells. However, their streamlined shells and large paddle-shaped flippers make them agile and efficient swimmers. Additionally, their rear flippers serve as rudders, allowing them to maneuver with precision and ease.

This beautiful wall piece is an original handcrafted design. The vibrant colors are created by fusing pulverized glass particles onto solid copper and then firing the piece in a kiln under extreme heat. 
It measures approximately 10" wide x 11.5" tall x 2" deep.


  • Work of art handmade by skilled artisans
  • Vitreous enamel fused to copper
  • 1600-degree kiln fired
  • Measures approximately 10" wide x 11.5" tall x 2" deep
  • All dimensions are approximate due to the handcrafting of the item

About Bovano of Cheshire

Bovano of Cheshire is a renowned wildlife and nature enameled copper sculpture company founded in 1952 by artist Jim Bower. Bower began what became his lifelong trade by blending metalworking and sculpture using a unique process of fusing powdered glass to copper.

Over the years the family has grown their selection into an array of stunning wall and desktop sculptures featuring birds, sea creatures, flowers, and botanical elements. To this day, each Bovano sculpture is crafted from start to finish by skilled artisans in Cheshire, Connecticut.