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Ripple Vase - Tall


This stunning blown glass vase showcases mesmerizing blue swirls on a transparent surface. By melting three vibrant colors and carefully manipulating the glass cane, the artist creates a unique ripple effect. The vibrant hues and fluid movement of water serve as inspiration for this exquisite piece. It makes an ideal present for a wedding or the perfect addition to any glassware collection.
This ripple vase measures approximately 4" in diameter and 10" tall.


  • This ripple vase measures approximately 4" in diameter and 10" tall
  • As with all hand-crafted items, slight variations in size, design, and color should be expected

About Kenny Pieper

Kenny Pieper was born in Birmingham, Alabama and raised in the mountains of North Carolina. He began his craft career in high school when he studied at the Penland School of Crafts, initially focusing on pottery. Later, he moved to California, discovered his passion for glass, and received a BFA from California College of Art and Design.

Kenny’s career came full circle when he returned to North Carolina and began managing Penland’s glassblowing and lampworking studios. It was during this time that he developed his expertise in the tradition of Italian glass.

Kenny now resides in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina and makes art that reflects on the harmony and beauty of his surroundings.