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Shoulder Vase


An exquisitely beautiful and graceful shape. This large, well-balanced tapered vase is a hand-crafted, blown glass form. The finished vase shows wonderful contrast between the ice blue body and the clear glass "shoulders".

As with all handcrafted glass, expect to find slight variations in color and size, since each piece is created individually - a true work of art!

Measures approximately 15.5"high  x 10.5" wide x 4.5" deep.

About Mark Rosenbaum

Mark Rosenbaum, the creative force behind Rosetree Blown Glass Studio in New Orleans, creates distinctive work utilizing traditional glassblowing techniques. Classical shapes, iridescent colors, and interior designs are combined to provide a unique approach to an ancient art.

"Through forty years of working with glass, I have gained an understanding of the dialogue established between artist and material. A lapse of concentration can ruin a piece, but a controlled flick of the wrist or light breath through the blowpipe can give the piece a subtle curve or movement that makes the piece extraordinary".