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9 Tab Mixed Metal Necklace - White Sapphire


Crafted in homage to the beauty and energy of big cities, this stunning necklace has nine tabs - each one individually crafted in white rhodium-plated sterling silver and 18K vermeil. The center tab measures about 1.25" in length and is set with a 3mm white sapphire.

Every necklace is one-of-a-kind, with acid-etched, granulated, and roller-printed tabs. The 16" - 18" adjustable oxidized sterling silver snake chain ensures a secure fit and completes the look.

A love for both travel and architecture inspired this textured mixed metal tab necklace. Whether you see an inverted city skyline or skyscrapers shining at night, there’s nothing like the energy of a big city. Q's design perfectly captures that metropolitan vibe.

This 9 Tab Necklace looks great alone, or beautifully complements these 1 Tab Textured Earrings.


  • Coated in 18K gold vermeil with one-of-a-kind pendant tabs
  • Center pendant tab measures about 1.25" long and is set with a 3mm white sapphire
  • the 16"-18" adjustable oxidized silver chain completes the look


About Q Evon

If she didn't have to earn a living, North Carolina artist Q Evon would have been a sculptor. In truth, her jewelry is sculpture on a smaller scale, fashioned with metal and painted with stones.
Q's collections radiate simplicity, harmony, and timelessness. She draws on the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, finding beauty in imperfections. The beauty around her becomes part of the inspiration and the studio hums with new work and energy.