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Spiral Earrings


Ancient folklore believes that the spiral shape symbolizes fertility, constant change, and evolution. Whether you are a believer or not, these spiral earrings are a pretty cool design and sure to garner a few compliments.
Available in sterling silver wire with a matte gold bead. Overall measurement is about 1 ¾" long.


  • Sterling silver wire with a matte gold bead
  • Measures about 1 ¾" long

About Sue Rosengard

Sue Rosengard creates affordable, well-crafted and well-designed jewelry. The contemporary geometric shapes are structured to flatter the face or lapel of the wearer while being lightweight, easy to wear, and timeless. 

Her inspiration comes partly from growing up in Chicago among the skyscrapers and Frank Lloyd Wright influences. The designers of the Modernist era (1940-1960) have also been significant: jewelers Margaret de Patta and Paul Lobel, sculptor Alexander Calder, and designer Russell Wright. 

Sue’s jewelry uses silver, gold, vermeil and a few plated components. The ear posts are sterling; ear wires and necklace chains are silver or gold-filled. Her jewelry is formed entirely by hand using only pliers or mandrels, or a cast geometric three- dimensional shape.