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Stoneware Pitcher - Large


This large stoneware pitcher is great for serving your favorite beverages! These pitchers are well-balanced, with generous handles and spouts that pour easily. These pitchers also make beautiful display pieces and a beautiful centerpiece vase for fresh flowers.


  • Each pitcher measures approximately 6" wide x 8" long x 9" tall
  • As with all handcrafted items, slight variations in size, color, and design are to be expected

About Mark & Huynh Mai Fitzgerald

Traditional artisans Mark and Hyunh Mai Fitzgerald create distinctive pieces of pottery in their central Pennsylvania studio. Mark learned the craft by spending four years at the Clay Art Center in Port Chester, New York, studying under the guidance of Henry Okamoto, a Japanese-American master potter. He works mainly on the potter's wheel, while his wife, Huynh Mai, does most of the hand building and glazing. These tasks often overlap, and both share equally in the entire process.