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Sushi Set with Chopsticks


Handcrafted from cherry, maple, and walnut, this sushi board makes a beautiful, functional setting for your sushi. Elevated and stabilized by dovetail feet. Includes one set of handcrafted chopsticks.


  • Measures approximately 12” long, 6” wide, and 1” tall.
  • Handcrafted from cherry, maple, and walnut.
  • Includes a pair of matching handcrafted chopsticks.
  • To maintain the beauty and appearance of these handcrafted items, periodically apply a thin coating of food grade mineral oil. No dishwashers, please.

About Matt Thomas

Growing up as the son of a carpenter in West Virginia, Matt Thomas was exposed to woodworking at an early age. For as long as he can remember, lumber and tools have been a part of his life. Over time, his woodworking hobby has grown into a full-time business. Building on his German/Italian heritage, all of his work has very clean lines and an elegant aesthetic.