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Wooden Toolbox


A hand-crafted oak toolbox complete with a hammer, screwdriver, saw, square, hand drill, and 6-inch ruler - the ideal all-in-one set for little ones eager to lend a hand on DIY projects. Each tool is meticulously sanded, finished, and hand-detailed, boasting a timeless aesthetic meant to be passed down through generations of children.


  • Toolbox measures approximately 12 long, 7" wide, and 7" tall
  • Natural, non-toxic, and child-safe oiled finish

About Don Hurley

Don Hurley began handcrafting classic wooden toys in the early 1970s. Initially, he wanted to give his children sturdy toys that would provide hours of imaginative play. His children loved the toys and shared them with other neighbor children.  Over time, word of the wonderful toys spread, and Don's classic toy business was born!

When Don became a grandparent, he introduced a second generation of classic toys. Over the years, his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren became his test market—if the toys held up to their use, they were added to the toy line. 

Don constructs the toys using a mix of hardwoods, and the oiled finish is natural and child-safe. He sands, finishes, and details each piece by hand. All the toys he creates are built to withstand generations of use and are meant to provide hours of play for children of all ages!