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Under $50

  • Plane - Small

    Baldwin Toys

    This small plane was handcrafted using hardwoods from trees found in Nebraska. It contains no metal or plastic parts, and is finished using non-tox...

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  • Flipsy Car with Ramp

    Baldwin Toys

    Designed by Steve's daughter when she was only four - this car will surely delight you. Roll the car down the ramp and watch it flip. Includes a li...

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  • Hardwood Toy Car

    David Levy

    A charming accent for a child's room or the study, these cars are handmade from fine hardwoods. Each wooden car is crafted with precision and care ...

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  • Giraffe Push Toy

    Jesse & Stacey Bannor

    Babies and toddlers will love playing with this wooden giraffe push toy! Crafted by hand from maple hardwood with cherry and walnut accents. The pe...

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