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Clam Shell Bowl - Large


This stunning handblown clam shell bowl with graceful, fluted edges is crafted with dark blue, green silver, and gold topaz glass swirled into a beautiful shell pattern.
This piece especially well suited for an entryway or console table where it will compliment the narrow depth and length these tables provide.

If you're looking for a piece to set the tone in your entryway or office this large clam shell bowl will capture the attention of all who see it.

Measures approximately 17" long, 7" deep, and 8" tall. Since each piece is handcrafted, expect to find slight variations in size, color, and design.


  • Measures approximately 17" long, 7" deep, and 8" tall
  • Crafted using green ruby and gold brown glass
  • A stunning piece for your entryway or hallway

About Ron & Paula Mynatt

Ron and Paula Mynatt, are the wonderful artists behind Callahan Mountain Studios, located in northwest Arkansas. Their work is known for its dynamic use of color, texture, transparency, reflectivity, and intricate detail. Their expressive and evocative deigns draw you into the piece and combine whimsical color and elegant form. Ron creates his own glass from sand, soda ash, limestone, and a few natural chemicals, melting them together at 2350 degrees Fahrenheit.